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Mar 4, 2014 5:00pm PST
state john kerry is in kiev, capital of the ukraine, visiting a memorial for the protestors who died last week. the new government. in washington, president obama announced a billion dollars in loan guarantees and issued a new warning to moscow. >>"i think everybody recognizes that although russia has legitimate interests in what happens in a neighboring state that does not give it the right to use force as a means of exerting influence inside of of the state. the president's options are >> catherine: limited. economic pressure, russia could cut off 80 percent of ukraine's natural gas. and the pipelines that criss-cross the country also supply europe, without russian deliveries, the e=u would run out of natural gas in a matter of weeks. >> pam: coming up at 5:15. are you putting your bank >> pam: card into a ticking time- bomb? we'll show you the major a- t-m security flaw. hackers are waiting to exploit. >> pam: then at 5:30. living in the bay area -- most of us deal with traffic. but you may have noticed it getting worse. but you may have noticed it gettiwe love this kitchen! what'
Mar 3, 2014 5:00pm PST
of state john kerry is heading for kiev in a show of support for the government there. on thursday - the european union is meeting to consider economic sanctions against russia. >> jacqueline: quell the but the pavement is dried and the trend is not coming down just yet. the problem in some of the late as july before it hit a grand. hit the ground. orally are from our camera the toll plaza at the sand until bridge showers and nothing really coming down just yet. like rain in certain locations and the north bay which has been ongoing since the early afternoon. more rain is on the way. here comes the second land. all will ring through the next couple of hours into tomorrow morning. >> jacqueline: it has not hit the ground in south viet especially near the coast line we could pick up showers there. heavy rain expected as well. here is a look at futurecast little drier we will see the rain still in to this evening will be isolated down towards the south bank. and to the on the morning commute a few showers. we could pick up a few showers and to the letter by drier conditions by knight
Feb 27, 2014 5:00pm PST
little tired. >> yes. >>> plus, a very pregnant kerry. >> how is that baby doing? >> then bieber in jail, the video just keeps coming in, but what does it mean for justin's dui case. >> this could be a smoking gun. >> paula steps up without her ring after her split from robin. >> your and robin going to work things out, paula? >> kristen bell on her new fight to stop paparazzi stalking star kids. >> it's a dirty business. i care a lot about my little >> i will be dancing like crazy whether he likes i ♪ >> oscar host ellen is happy for nominee pharrell and the hat. >> that pharrell wears a large hat. >>> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7 it's "the insider" together with yahoo. >>> we are breaking down the bieber jailhouse video in just a few minutes and reports that he wasn't exactly scared straight. i'm thea andrews. welcome to "the insider." >> and i'm kevin frazier. we'll get to that in a minute, but let's start on a different kind of high. the women of hollywood. the last 24 hours has been a whirlwind of big name, amazing parties and big, vents and it's only t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3